Barbados Bu'n Bu'n

Rosemary Parkinson

Product Type: Barbadian recipes

A Culinary Tour Cookbook. Barbados' history, culinary flavours, recipes, and culture. Experience pipes that stan'. Boards that jukk. Jars that are unripe monkeys. Frogs that whistle de tune of a band tucked and a goose on four legs that doan mess with a perky gutter. Hucksters and markets. Farmers and food. Secret recipes deep inside Miss Harriette and Mrs Jones?man dem gots a mobba-ton o' tings gine on! Meet Miss Carnetta and she bush fuh medicine; and de pork dat is fat but does like to swan 'roun a Bridgetown street while sugar an okra-mush hit de artsy-fartsy theatre in Christ Church wrapping up de gap while reggae swarms ovah de bar hold up wid boisterous wild boars! Music and love.